You know you’re an author when…

…you publish your second book.

Sharpe Edge is now available on Amazon!

Writing and publishing my first novel, Sharpe Shooter, felt like I’d birthed a baby. I was the proud parent of a 207-page newborn. I wanted to show it off to everyone.

But then postpartum set in. Although writing a book was a big accomplishment, I still felt like a wanna-be. A one-hit wonder. Like The Knack singing My Sharona.

That’s why I am so proud of the second book in the series. Now I feel legit. Which book do I like best? That would be like asking which child I like best. I could say something funny here about my children, but I won’t.

I’ve just started writing Sharpe Mind, book three in the Cozy Suburb Mystery Series. I’ll give you a hint: It involves a psychic and a magician.

For those of you who are fellow writers, how would you complete this statement? I look forward to your answers.


About Lisa B. Thomas

As a retired teacher, I have found my second career as an author. I write the Cozy Suburbs Mystery Series as well as creative non-fiction.
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