Two Sides of the Same Coin

Lisa'sIf all I did was write all day, I’d lose my mind.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love writing. Since retiring from teaching, it has been the secret lover I never knew I had. It’s what gets me out of bed every day. It fulfills my creative side.

But I have another interest; one that encompasses my adventurous side. It’s treasure hunting. I love metal detecting and rock hounding. Sometimes I wish I had become an archaeologist. But come on, do I really see myself in a searing hot desert bent over a bone scraping it with a toothbrush?  About ten years ago, I found a way to satisfy my urge to explore and dig up treasures and still stay inside with air conditioning (usually, that is.)

I’m a thrifter. A junker. A scavenger. Sure I could fancy-it-up and say I deal in vintage and antique collectibles, and I do say that sometimes. But the truth is that I buy and sell used stuff. I started out selling in an antique mall, like my character Deena Sharpe, but it started taking up too much of my time. Now I sell my found treasures online.

Those of you who frequent garage sales, flea markets, and thrift stores can understand where I am coming from. Whether you are buying items to keep or to resell, you understand the thrill of the hunt. Bagging that bargain. Showing off your trophies.

But wait. Aren’t authors supposed to be stuffy intellectuals? I’m sure there some who are but most are just people with a passion for the written word and outside interests just like everyone else.

Besides reading, dear readers, what hobby gets your juices flowing? Share in the comments below. It just may show up in a future book!


About Lisa B. Thomas

As a retired teacher, I have found my second career as an author. I write the Cozy Suburbs Mystery Series as well as creative non-fiction.
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