The post-Writing Life

Cover collage 1Some people think writing a book is a way to earn a passive income. Think again. If all I had to do was write, that would be one thing. As an Indie author, there is a whole lot more.

Obviously, there is a lot that goes into getting a book published. Besides writing, there is editing, revising, beta reading, more revising, proofing, and more revising. Another important step is formatting for Kindle. And, let’s not forget the cover design process.

Once you make it through all those hurdles it is finally time to hit “Submit.”

That’s it, right? Pop the cork on the champagne and sit back to relax.


Here is a list of things that needed to be done after finishing my last book:

  1. Format for Createspace
  2. Prepare the Createspace cover.
  3. Download and approve Createspace proof.
  4. Edit website to include new book.
  5. Post book launch on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  6. Edit Media Kit.
  7. Edit Facebook banner.
  8. Prepare and send newsletter.
  9. Write blog post.
  10. Submit new book to Goodreads.
  11. Add book to Amazon Author Central.
  12. Prepare book trailer.
  13. Begin next book.

I have completed everything on the list except the book trailer. In a future post, I’ll discuss the on-going marketing tasks involved with Indie publishing.

Did I skip something? Let me know if I should add to the list!


About Lisa B. Thomas

As a retired teacher, I have found my second career as an author. I write the Cozy Suburbs Mystery Series as well as creative non-fiction.
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